Hire Voidvamp to read your book!

First of all, what is a beta reader? Can you eat it?

A beta reader reads your finished manuscript and provides feedback in terms of plot, dialogue, consistency, pacing, and characterisation. They are not an editor or a proofreader, but will look at your work the way a reader would. You can eat a beta reader. However, that is considered cannibalism and is frowned upon in most societies.

Why should you hire me?

I take reading seriously but still love what I do. You can be sure I will sit down with your book and a cup of tea and give it my utmost attention. I have read over 500 books and have been reviewing on Goodreads and blogging for several years. Over the years, I’ve gotten a pretty good feel of I like and don’t like and can give you an idea of what will and won’t work with your target audience. You will receive honest, objective feedback in a timely fashion.

Solid beta readers can be hard to find. Naturally, your friends and family will love every word you write, but this isn’t entirely helpful (although it works wonders for your ego and motivation!). You’re going to need someone who’s not going to coddle you. Someone who can remain objective and give you detailed feedback in order to turn your manuscript into the best possible version. That’s where I come in.

You can be sure that I am passionate about what I do. I will take your work seriously, with only one result – making your project better.


Which genres do I prefer?

I read a bit of everything, but I’ve mostly read fiction,science fiction, young adult, fantasy, contemporary, dystopian, paranormal and horror .

Are there any genres I won’t read?

I’m probably not the right fit for you if you’re writing Christian literature, biographies, or erotica. I don’t have much experience or interest in these genres and would therefore not be able to be truly objective.

What can you expect from me?

  • I will read your book and provide objective feedback on the story and all its components (characters, setting, plot, pace etc.).
  • I will provide constructive criticism for every chapter and tell you what works and what doesn’t.
  • I will be honest without being harsh about things I didn’t like, but I will also shower you with confetti over things Idid like.
  • I will try to improve your manuscript by suggesting ideas, which you are free to ignore.
  • I will get back to you on time.

I will NOT:

  • I will not proofread or edit your work. This means I will not correct your spelling or grammatical errors. You will need a proofreader/editor for that.
  • I will not publish my feedback anywhere online. This is a personal and professional engagement. My feedback goes solely to you.


$1.75 (US) for every 1000 words, so if your novel is 70,000 words long, that would be $122.5. You will receive my time, undevoted attention, experience, knowledge, and written feedback in return.


  • I am going to need a finished manuscript to provide the best service. Don’t send me a messy first draft – I’m going to need the full picture of the story your grey cells have fabricated. I will evaluate your work as a reader would.
  • My preferred file format is PDF, but I will also accept Word documents and MOBIs.
  • I will probably need a week or two to read your story. If you need my feedback sooner, it is up to you to tell me upfront. An extra rush fee of $50 will be required.
  • Let me know if there are any areas you’d like me to focus on so I can provide you with the best service possible.
  • Don’t take it personally. I get it, you’ve worked really hard on your novel, but I’m probably going to have opinions you may not agree with. Take my advice with a grain of salt and sprinkle that salt on a margarita glass. Be gracious and open-minded.
  • Payments go through PayPal only.


If you’re interested in hiring me, allow me to share my happiness with you through interpretive dance. Send me an e-mail at spartananon@gmail.com in which you tell me about your manuscript (blurb, genre, length) and we will discuss the project further.

Still unsure? I can totally give you a free sample of what I do. Send me an e-mail and we can talk.


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